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This system of tabulating the list of volunteers for all committees has been discussed at the recently held Coordination Council meeting and has been passed unanimously by all the Committees. Under this process, there shall be periodic tabulation of the volunteers after the completion of each event on the basis of “list of volunteers” being submitted by the individual committees and the same shall be made available for verification at any time for any member of the SBA. This has been done essentially to prevent the malpractices which generally happen during the vetting process preceding the submission of applications.



Click on each committee mentioned below for information about each committee and to see event-wise volunteer lists

Academic Support Program (ASP)
Campus Development & Mgmt Committee (CDMC)
Cultural and Fine Arts Committee (‘Cul Comm’)
Event Management Committee (EMC)
Finance Committee (Finance Comm)
Law & Society Committee (‘Law Soc’)
Law & Technology Committee (‘L-tech’)
Legal Services Clinic (LSC)
Literary & Debating Society (‘LnD’)
Moot Court Society (MCS)
Sports Committee (Sports Comm)
Student Advocate Committee (‘Stud Ad’)



  • After the completion of each event, the head of that event shall be required to prepare a list of volunteers, get the same signed by the Convenor/Joint Convenor of the committee and put it up on 19(1)(a). This list shall be available for scrutiny on the notice board for a period of TWO days during which the concerned volunteers can verify if their names have been added to the list or not. This also acts as a check on arbitrary inclusion of any person as a volunteer for the event.
  • After the completion of the said two day period, the same shall be removed from the notice boards and submitted to the President/Vice President who shall sign it and file the same in a separate folder. After the completion of this stage, no further changes shall be permitted to the list. However, in exceptional circumstances, only on the personal recommendation by the Convenor, additions or deletions of the names shall be permissible. This is totally at the discretion of the President AND Vice President who shall decide on a case to case basis.
  • As regards work which does not fall under any kind of event, like purchase of trophies, etc., the onus is on the particular volunteer to prepare a list of such activities to which he/she has volunteered and submit the same to the convenor/JC of the concerned committee who shall then sign it and submit the same to the President/Vice President and similar process as mentioned shall follow
  • Such filed lists shall be converted into soft-copies (tabulation) and the same shall be sent on a regular basis to everyone to ensure better transparency. For this purpose, a volunteer shall be chosen who shall be responsible for the time to time tabulation of the volunteer lists. It has also be unanimously decided in the Co-ordination Council that such volunteer shall be awarded the highest organizational points of each committee to which he would himself be personally be applying at the end of the year.
  • This is to give incentive to such volunteer who shall have to meticulously work for the entire year.
  • At the end of the year, immediately after the completion of University Night, each of the Convenors shall be given a consolidated list of tabulated volunteers and a copy of the same shall be mailed to everyone. All applicants would be required to submit their applications to their interested committees based on this list.
  • This system has been devised so as to remove the system of vetting of applications altogether. In the future, students wishing to apply to committees will not be required to get their applications vetted by heads and/or Convenors/Joint Convenors, since the names of all volunteers/heads will be available for everyone to see. Applicants will be awarded points by tallying their applications with the list of volunteers.

For further clarifications please contact:

Madhav Kanoria (President) Nagarjun (Vice-President)

Tabulation heads: Ramya Shankarand Amlan Mohanty

For comments, suggestions and changes to be made, you may write to or