Cultural and Fine Arts Committee (‘Cul Comm’)


Culcomm offers the most needed breaks from the more serious and strenuous “law school” activities. It takes pride in organising a whole bunch of energy ridden and absolutely fun intra-college events like the creative Art Mela (that includes painting, sketching, Mehendi, Clay modelling, Face n Toe painting), Playfest, MadAdz, Movie Spoofs, Western Music and Dance, Eastern Music and Dance. But that’s not all, Cul Comm also organises mega inter-collegiate events like LeGala and ADMIT ONE -the only international level theatre festival. Admit One which started off as a small venture in 2006, has now grown into a full fledged theatre festival in only three years, where the best of college theatre teams/ amateur theatre teams from across the sub continent compete during the course of three days in November for the much coveted titles!

It is the events that ‘Cul Comm’ organizes that add colour to student life on campus. Fun often overrides competitive spirits, but that is not to say that hard work doesn’t go into events – both in terms of organization and performance, Cul Comm plays a major role in the organisation of `LeGala’- Law School’s inter-collegiate Literary and Cultural fest. The fest sees participation from colleges across the country in all events including choreography, theatre, music and fine arts. The fest is usually organized in the third week of November each year.

Cul Comm also organizes other fun activities like Jam Sessions – for all the lovers of Rock and Roll; Karaoke Nights – where one can croon to Britney Spears or cheesy Bollywood songs without being embarrassed; Christmas Night – To bring a little bit of snow into NLS’ own little campus and Quad Parties -because everyone deserve to have a little fun! The purpose of the committee is to ensure that we as a community enjoy our time here as much as possible.

Briefly about our schedule: University teams are selected by impartial external judges for all the events mentioned in the first paragraph in the months of June – September. The third trimester (March-June) witnesses a juxtaposition of rivalry and enjoyment in the form of inter class competition. The Cultural Committee provides a firm base for intra class bonding and team work as it lays platform for the race to the cultural Shield. The batches are invited to participate in the above mentioned events and the batch with the most consistent performance throughout is awarded the Shield. This happens during what is popularly knows as the ‘Univ Week’.

Also, keeping with the committee’s mandate of ensuring continued interest in cultural activities on campus, Cul Comm organizes cultural performances in colloboration with SPIC MACY every year. In its past years, the committee has also organized salsa and theatre workshops. The Committee aims to continue providing this break from routine campus life by organizing more theatre and dance workshops for the benefit of the student community. The A Cappella group ‘De Minimis’, has been very active over the past two years and has participated in a number of music events held in Bangalore including the much acclaimed Glorius – Festival of Harmony, Echo and other collegiate fests.


The composition of the Cultural and Fine Arts Committee for the year 2009-10 is as follows

1)Cacy Ralte (Convenor)
2)Rohit G Jayaraman (Joint Convenor)
3)Krishna Shorewala
4)Saurav Sammadar
5)Rinchen Youdol
6)R Bhargavi
7)Ridhi Nyathi
8)Mugda Sharma
9)Kaushalya Mishra
10)Pooja Shankara
11)Rahul Das
12)Rishab Basu
13)Ritu Chandra
14)Juhi Gupta
15)Megha Mathur
16)Praveena Rajshekar
17)Ramyaa V
19)Shahid Pervez


Facult Advisor: Ms. Anuradha Saibaba





Treasure Hunt

Sing Along

Art Mela

Mad Adz


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