The activities of the Student Bar Association (SBA) are co-ordinated by twelve Activity Based Committees (ABCs) which are re-constituted every year, and by various informal groupings constituted for specific purposes. The student Convenors/Joint Convenors of the ABCs comprise the Co-ordination Council, which is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the various committees. The ABCs organise a wide range of internal as well as inter-institutional activities throughout the academic year.

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Academic Support Program (ASP)
Campus Development & Mgmt Committee(CDMC)
Cultural and Fine Arts Committee(‘Cul Comm’)
Event Management Committee(EMC)
Finance Committee
Law & Society Committee(‘Law Soc’)
Law & Technology Committee(‘EL-teck’)
Legal Services Clinic(LSC)
Literary and Debating Society (‘LnD’)
Moot Court Society(MCS)
Sports Committee
Student Advocate Committee(‘Stud Ad’)

Besides this formalized committee structure, several groupings are in place for specific purposes. For instance, there are several study circles where current students, alumni and faculty exchange views on areas like gender studies, international relations, right to information and technology and the law, among other themes. These groups function not only through meetings held on campus, but also by way of online fora such as e-groups and blogs which are open to participation by all.


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