Law and Technology Committee (‘L-Tech’)


The Law and Technology Committee, better known amongst the masses as ‘Ltech’, seeks to provide a platform for intensive research and debate over legal issues linked to the emergence of new technologies and thereby aim to stimulate en masse awareness resulting in participation and deliberation of such issues. The Committee in order to promote such legal issues organises an annual conference on contemporary issues and the culmination of such effort is ‘Consilience’. From the academic year 2004-05, the Committee has also started publishing an annual journal namely the Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT), India ‘s first peer review journal in the field. More information regarding the journal can be accessed from

The members of the Editorial Board 2009-10 of IJLT are:
Ashutosh Kumar (Chief Editor)
Adithya Banavar
Bhavishyawani Reddy
Pranesh Prakash
Nishita Vasan
Shubhang Nair
Geetha Hariharan
Anjali Anchayil

In addition, the Committee also acts as an interface between the Information Technology Committee composed of the faculty members and the student body. Lectures are organised on technology law issues where eminent academicians and professionals enlighten on current trends in the field. To further facilitate the interest generated during the lecture series, we aim to initiate informal study circles and research groups which would eventually assist in laying the foundation for more concrete presentations in the future. The committee also endeavours to promote Open Source and legal aspects attached to the same. Encouraging the use of latest technology and thus help in increasing the research quality of the law school community is also an undertaking of the committee.


The members of Law and Technology Committee 2009-10 are:

Anay (Convener): +91-9036819768
Tarannum (Joint Convener): +91-9916783730
Avinash: +91-9902806282
Amlan: +91-9880723994
Arun: +91-9036597121
Tushar: +91-9663388424

Tushar Talwar


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