Law and Society Committee (“Law Soc”)


The Law and Society Committee started out as an informal group of students interested in critical legal thinking. In 2002-’03, it was constituted as an Activity-Based Committee under the Constitution of the Student Bar Association. The Committee’s area of interest is
conducting and facilitating research and activities relating to the convergence of legal and social fields . Our goals, in many ways, are fundamental to the pursuit of the interdisciplinary B.A.,L.LB. degree at NLSIU, combining studies in law with a bachelor of arts. Pursuant to this mandate, the Committee conducts and maintains reading groups, film screenings, talks, workshops, seminars and conferences as a means of academic engagement with such issues.

The Committee also provides information on opportunities in the voluntary sector and to those who wish to pursue alternative law careers. We conduct placement and internship talks, and also co-ordinate with NGOs in Bangalore , encouraging students to engage in pro-bono and volunteer work. The Committee for the past two years has also been organizing the Model UN Competitions and the National Legislation Review Competition, and is also engaged with the activities of the various research centres in NLSIU, including the Centre for Child and Law and Centre for Women and Law. ‘LawSoc’, as we are commonly known, also facilitate the publication of the student-run, peer reviewed journal, the Socio-Legal Review.


The ‘Socio-Legal Review’ is an initiative of the Committee that hopes to inspire socio-legal writing among members of the legal and social science community. It aims at exploring themes relating to the interface of law and society and providing a platform for students and young scholars. The Committee is keen to give ‘law and society’ an expansive interpretation, thereby keeping its basic criteria for contributions simply that of high academic merit, as long as there is a perceivable link. This would include not just writing about the role played by law in social change, or the role played by social dynamics in the formulation and implementation of law, but also writing that simply takes cognizance of legal institutions/ institutions of governance/administration, power structures in social commentary and so on. Through this effort, the journal also hopes to fill the lacunae relating to academic debate on socio-legal matters among law students.

Members of the Editorial Board of the Socio-Legal Review for 2009-2010

Akshay Sreevatsa [Chief Editor]
Krishna Prasad
Shweta Kumar
Vatsala Sahay


List of Activities undertaken from July 10 to Sep. 16, 2009-09-16
> Research Groups
We have established the following Research Groups:
1.Naz Foundation
2.3 Groups for the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion

> Film Screenings
1. Atomic Café
2. Sholay

> Student Outreach Activities
1. Crane Making workshop on Hiroshima Day
2. Sholay Contest

> NLS Summer Camp
1. Finalized the details of the camp and collaborated with the Oxford School for the same.
2. Call for applications for teachers

> School Film Screenings
We are presently in talks with certain schools in Bangalore to organise Film Screenings and Talks for their students.

> Activities with CSSE
We are helping the centre organise and conduct a Lecture Series consisting of talks spread across the trimester.


The members of the Law and Society Committee for 2009-2010

Tasneem Deo [Convenor]
Kushal Bhimjiani
Surbhi Kuwelkar

Surabhi Shukla
Raeesa Vakil
Shenoy Prasad
Nayantara Gopal
Monal Gera
Nidhisha Phillip

Faculty Advisor to the Law and Society Committee: Prof. Dr. S. Japhet


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